About Me

Me and a Caravaggio at the Louvre
I am an elementary school teacher who teaches grade 5 in Ottawa, Canada. I have a degree in Education and a degree in Art History—which probably explains my love for incorporating art into subjects like Language Arts and Math. I've found that teaching the history behind a painting or sculpture makes the art much more meaningful for children, and some of my proudest moments as a teacher have come when kids who previously said they hated art started begging for more art history to be included in the school day!

Before becoming a teacher, I had a number of jobs before finally settling on teaching as a career. I worked for an art appraiser, had a position in the book publishing industry, and I've been a synchronized swimming coach for more than fifteen years. In addition to coaching in Canada, I spent three years living in Switzerland where I coached athletes on the Swiss National Synchronized Swimming Team.

Hanging out with the cows in Switzerland
I love traveling and if I could travel year-round I would. Living in Europe made it easy to visit many countries, and I miss the ease of hopping on a train and being in a completely new place in a few short hours.

My goal for this blog is to provide teachers with creative ideas and activities to use with their students, and to show people how easy and important it is to incorporate art and art history into their everyday classroom programs.

Thank you for stopping by!

Ash Dwight